Hillwoods Academy saw the light of the day three decades ago in Delhi, Preet Vihar. The school offers an international platform with a perfect blend of technology, culture and innovation. The second branch opened in Gandhinagar Gujarat eleven years ago .Conscious to its history & culture, the third branch of Hillwoods at Greater Noida, responds to the demands of change by providing each student diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, motivation, excellence in learning skills to become independent and self reliant adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

The Hillwoods Academy firmly holds the view that education should ensure for the youth of the country a harmonious development of their personalities. They should be provided intensive all-round education that leads to responsive and responsible citizenship, a finely ingrained attitude of service before self. With an emphasis on building a strong value base, the more significant character traits that we aim to instill in the students comprise of honesty, courage, initiative, tolerance, group-work, social responsibility, scientific temper and patriotism. .

Hillwoods Academy supports and promotes the principles and practice of democracy in accordance with Indian law, which includes: respect for the authority of the elected government; the rule of law; equal rights for all; freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association.