From the Principal


We believe that the education of your children is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  The quality of the training, their relationships, and the influences of their schooling will build their skills, their understanding of life and the values that they will live by.  Their schooling will make a major contribution to the way they will live their lives in time and eternity.  At Hillwoods Academy, we believe that the best environment for an education for life is provided by a supportive and dedicated staff. 

As a parent, you also value the thorough preparation of your children for their future careers, roles, and contributions to society.  We understand that your children will be the health professionals, parents, business leaders, technicians, politicians, artists, inventors, and public servants of the next generation. An excellent education will ensure that they will be prepared for these roles with a rigorous academic training, and that their lives will be formed around a human relationship, truth and values.

An education at Hillwoods Academy will equip your children to be influencer of their generation.

For more information about the school or to discuss the education of your children, please contact school to fix a schedule.