Science Park


Science Park is nothing but a cluster of open air Science gadgets installed permanently all meant for play way learning of science. Science Park is an innovative concept of teaching Science in an informal way. The basic concept of science park enhancing the tendency of the children to play more than to read. In a Science Park, aesthetically designed and ruggedly fabricated science gadgets are installed permanently to benefit every user by covering many topics in science. To name a few, mechanics, sound, light, meteorology, heat etc.. are the fields covered by science park gadgets. Apart from pure science, Mathematics, Applied Science, Geography etc., are also covered in these interactive exhibits.


  1. Perception of depth
  2. Primary and Secondary colour
  3. Solar Powered radio
  4. Straight bar passing parabola
  5. Anemometer
  6. Humidity meter
  7. Thermometer
  8. Geodesic dome
  9. Hydroelectric power plant
  10. Centrifugal force